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By Author's Surname
Paper No.: 22
Effectiveness and Sustainability of Re-education on Insulin injection Technique in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in a Primary Health Clinic Malaysia
Ms Chia Woon Tai
Paper No.: 24
Acute changes in knee cartilage and meniscus following long-distance running in habituate runners: A systematic review on studies using quantitative magnetic resonance imaging
Dr Dingbo Shu
Paper No.: 25
Leadership and Governance for Occupational Health and Safety in the Philippines
Mr Guillano Lacsamana
Paper No.: 28
Seroprevalence of COVID-19 among Healthcare Workers in Hong Kong: a Longitudinal Cohort Study
Ms Wey Wen Lim
Paper No.: 36
The Indirect Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Chronic Disease Care in Hong Kong
Ms Carmen Ng
Paper No.: 42
Evaluating The Patient Experience In Telemedicine: A Systematic Review
Ms Nikita Kanumoory Mandyam
Paper No.: 49
Development of an intervention platform for a school-based salt-reduction programme in China
Mr Jingwen Sun
Paper No.: 50
Protocol for School-based education programme to reduce salt: Scaling-up in China (EduSaltS)
Mr Jingwen Sun
Paper No.: 53
The Influences of Adolescent's Mental-Emotional Health Risk Factors
Dr Rina Kurniasri Kusumaratna
Paper No.: 55
Low-frequency Aerobic Exercise And Stretching Improves Exercise Self-efficacy In Inactive Older Adults With Chronic Insomnia And Depressive Symptoms
Mr Chit Kay Leung
Paper No.: 66
Effects of Moderate and Vigorous Exercise on Cognitive Performance in Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Pilot Study
Mr Francesco Recchia
Paper No.: 76
Validating Pharmaceutical Pictograms for Hong Kong Elderly, Carer and Urdu Speaking Ethnic Minority
Mr Albert Au
Paper No.: 77
Serum micronutrients and prostate cancer risk: The Singapore Prostate Cancer Study
Ms Wei Qi Loh
Paper No.: 87
Older Adults Who Exercise Habitually are Less Susceptible to False Memory Than Their Sedentary Counterparts: Ancillary Study of a Pilot Randomized Trial
Mr Joshua Bernal
Paper No.: 89
The Application Of An Innovative Health Education and Training Technological Framework For Improving The Health Education On Physical And Mental Health For The Aging Population
Dr Tak Wing Tsui
Paper No.: 90
Effects of Intensity and Frequency of Walking Exercise on Cardiorespiratory Fitness among Older Adults with Insomnia: A Pilot Study
Mr Edwin Chin
Paper No.: 91
Effects of Exercise Training Intensity on Objective and Subjective Cognitive Performance in Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Pilot Study
Mr Pak Hung, Angus Yu
Paper No.: 94
A Comparison of Effectiveness of Non-pharmaceutical Interventions Against COVID-19 in Hong Kong and Seoul
Ms Yoonsup, Kristi Lee
Paper No.: 95
Effects of Different Aerobic Exercise Frequencies and Intensities on Objective Sleep Parameters among Older Adults with Insomnia: A Pilot Study
Ms Wing Yin Au
Paper No.: 96
Antipsychotic Drugs And Risk Of Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review Protocol
Ms Kaitlyn, Tani Zhang
Paper No.: 106
Multimorbidity In Randomized Controlled Trials Of Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors: A Systematic Review Protocol
Mr On Hei, Jacky Cheung
Paper No.: 107
Cardiovascular Safety Of Dextroamphetamine In Patients With Treatment-resistant Depression: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Mr On Hei, Jacky Cheung
Paper No.: 114
Utilization of Dental Services Amidst New Protocols During the Covid 19 Pandemic Among Residents of Selected Communities
Ms Robyn Marie Almacen
Paper No.: 116
'Healthy Mind, Healthy Mom for Baby (HM2 for Baby)': A Randomized Control Trial to Determine Effect on Maternal Competency and Perinatal Depression Among First Time Pregnant Women
Dr Jocelyn Molo
Paper No.: 118
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Towards Hepatitis B Infection Among Midwives in Khartoum Bahri Midwifery School in Khartoum, Sudan 2019.
Ms Fatima Elbasri Abuelgasim Mohammed Yagoub
Paper No.: 119
Barriers and facilitators of increasing physical activity levels in urban sub-Saharan Africa: A qualitative case study of Nairobi, Kenya.
Mr Anthony Manyara
Paper No.: 122
The Resilience Interventions For Smoking Cessation Study: A Randomized Controlled Trial Protocol
Ms Elissa Mortimer
Paper No.: 125
An Investigation of the Physical Activity and Mental health for PhD Candidates
Mr Feng Wang
Paper No.: 126
A Descriptive Survey on Risk Perception and, Preparedness and Response Related to COVID-19 Among Individuals Residing Within Angeles City, Philippines: A Basis for Community Health Action Plan
Ms Zion Merbel Buenafe
Paper No.: 129
Global Health and Humanitarian Services preparatory course for medical students
Dr Dana Vackova
Paper No.: 130
Oral Hygiene Routine of Dentistry Students During the Covid 19 Quarantine
Dr Stephanie Charleine Saxton
Paper No.: 131
Towards the Development of Educational Innovative Programs for Pharmacy Assistants and Pharmacists in the Community and Hospital Settings
Ms Justine Marie Ocampo
Paper No.: 136
Impact of Covid 19 on Seeking Dental Care
Ms Roa Joy Agbanlog
Paper No.: 138
Feasibility of publicly supported World Health Organization's "Best Buys" alcohol harms reduction strategies in Hong Kong: Qualitative interviews with workers involved in alcohol sale and distribution
Ms Jiazhou Yu
Paper No.: 140
Clinical and Chest CT Findings among COVID-19 Patients in Bangladesh
Dr Tania Islam
Paper No.: 145
The Effect of a New Tax Incentive Policy on the Uptake of Voluntary Individual Private Health Insurance: A Systematic Review of Studies with Pre-Post Analysis
Mr Junqiao Chen
Paper No.: 153
Anemia, Poor Health, and Socioeconomic Status Among Older Adults In The Study on Global AGEing And Adult Health (SAGE)
Ms Georgia Greenblum
Paper No.: 158
Impact Of Climate Change, Generational Divide And Human Migration On Sustainability And Future Of Global Health Development
Paper No.: 160
Impacts of Pandemic on the Waste Management Practices in a Low-Cost Apartment in Selangor, Malaysia.
Dr Peter Aning Tedong
Paper No.: 167
The Association Between Weight Misperception, Health Status And Health Related Behaviour Among The Older Adults: Evidence From The Singapore Life Panel
Dr Vicky Mengqi Qin
Paper No.: 173
The Evolution of Mobile Health (mHealth) Application in Weight Management Among Overweight/Obese Population in China: A Systematic Review
Ms Xue Ning Peng
Paper No.: 219
Nowcasting and forecasting the local real-time effective reproductive number (Rt) of COVID-19 In Hong Kong using mass transit railway data
Mr Kui Chiu Yip