Global Health Student Poster Contest

Paper No.: 11
Systematic Review: Overview of Occupational Safety and Health on Fishermen
Putri Ayuni Alayyannur, Doni Hikmat Ramdhan
Paper No.: 18
Participatory Approach in 2021 Tokyo Olympic - A Mission to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic
Hei Long Jackie Li
Paper No.: 21
Effects of vaccination and non-pharmaceutical interventions and their lag times on the COVID-19 pandemic: Comparison of eight countries
Hao Li, Luqi Wang, Mengxi Zhang, Yihan Lu, Weibing Wang
Paper No.: 26
The cost-effectiveness of starting pneumococcal and influenza vaccination at 50 vs. 65 years: a comparative modelling study
Hanyue Ding, Junjie Huang, Chun Ho Ngai, Qingjie Sun, Kin-on Kwok, Harry HX Wang, Marc Chong, Martin CS Wong
Paper No.: 35
Public Acceptability of Alcohol Marketing Regulation in Hong Kong: A Population-Based Study
Rufina H.W. Chan, Jiazhou Yu, Tim Sumerlin, Samuel Y.S. Wong, Ben H.K. Yip, Vincent C.H. Chung, Jean H. Kim
Paper No.: 37
Intravenous immunoglobulins and Corticosteroids for Sepsis: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis
Wang Leong Kevin So, Ka Chung Abraham Wai, Carlos King Ho Wong
Paper No.: 40
Naima Halim Tushi, Tasdidaa Shamsi, Sehely Aman
Paper No.: 45
Investigating The Development Of Perceptions Towards People Living With Human Immunodeficiency Virus Among Pre-clinical Medical Students In A Malaysian Public University
Calvin Fernandez, Wei Han Hong, Chan Choong Foong
Paper No.: 57
Genetic Proxies for Calcium Channel Blockers and Cancer: a Mendelian Randomization Study
Bohan Fan, C Mary Schooling, Jie Zhao
Paper No.: 58
Gender Differences in Risk Perception and Mental Illness in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Comparison in Four Major Cities Around the World
Matsunaga L., Aoki T., Aldrich D., Aida J., Faiad C., Tseng P.
Paper No.: 65
Association between family history and lung cancer risk among Chinese women in Singapore
Xin Yin, Cheryl Pui Yi Chan, Adeline Seow, Wai-Ping Yau, Wei Jie Seow
Paper No.: 67
A Shared Vision Worldwide: Keeping Our Minds Healthy in the Urban World
Mak Chiu Ki Astor
Paper No.: 70
Understanding contact dynamics in high-density accommodation in Singapore
Yinxiaohe Sun, Joel Koo, Borame Dickens, Alex R Cook
Paper No.: 74
Antipsychotic Use And Subsequent Major Depressive Disorder In Patients With Generalized Anxiety Disorder: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Mandy M. Choi, Dora W.Y. Ng, Rebecca L. Huang, Edward W. W. Chan, Francisco T. T. Lai
Paper No.: 88
Participation of General Practitioners in Continuous Professional Development: Why Should I Participate?
Kenneth Low Kien Yong, Foong Chan Choong
Paper No.: 99
A Cross-sectional Study On The Sleep Quality And Excessive Daytime Sleepiness Of Filipino Medical Students In A State-run University During The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic
Raphael Ian Velasco, Rafael Lorenzo G. Valenzuela, Manuel Peter Paul Jorge II
Paper No.: 105
Activities Of Daily Living And Self-care Agency Of Middle-aged Adult COVID-19 Survivors: A Mixed Methods Design
Kawai Aiki G., Cabral Joanna Marianne D., Catalan Joanna H., Raymundo Agnes V.
Paper No.: 113
The Effect of ALDH2 Gene Polymorphism and Alcohol Intake on the Risk of Cancers: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Ong Xin Jiong, Carmen S Ng, Minnie Au, Jianchao Quan
Paper No.: 117
Intermittent Fasting Alters Urine Proteins Associated With O-linked Glycosylation Pathway
Mohammed R. A. Elhag, Jinglei Yu, Mariasole Da Boit, Parvez. I. Haris, Abu-Bakr Abu-Median
Paper No.: 137
Adaptation of Chronically Ill Elderly in Tublay, Benguet During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Aquisio R., Gay-as M., Cunning Y., Felix A., Semilla K., Calama E.
Paper No.: 146
A Machine Learning-based Knee Osteoarthritis Prognostic Model for Imaging-free Screening at Community
Ho Hin Toby Li, Lok Chun Chan, Chunyi Wen
Paper No.: 154
Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, and Compliance of Staff Nurses on Infection Control Protocol: A Sequential Explanatory Design
Camille Mae C. Laguinlin, Rodalyn L. Esquivel, Angela Danielle DC. Bosito, Michael John V. Flores
Paper No.: 156
Association between body composition parameters and hip fracture risk in an elderly female population
Linh T.T. Nguyen, Huy G. Nguyen, Thao P. Ho-le, Thach S. Tran, Rebecca Ivers, Tuan V. Nguyen
Paper No.: 157
Estimation of the latent period distribution of SARS-CoV-2 in China, a retrospectively study
Xin Hualei
Paper No.: 162
The Effects of Health Promotion Interventions via Social Media on Overweight/Obesity in China: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Yutong Jiang, Meifang Chen, Fei Wu, Yang Pei, Xiaoyu Duan, Yijia Liu
Paper No.: 168
The Effectiveness of Pre- and During-pregnancy Weight Management Interventions on During- and After-Pregnancy Obesity in China: A Systematic Review
Yang Pei, Meifang Chen, Yijia Liu, Fei Wu, Xiaoyu Duan, Jiaqi Liu, Xuening Peng, Yutong Zhang
Paper No.: 170
The Association between Romantic Relationship and Obesity among Adults: A Systematic Review
Fei Wu, Xiaoyu Duan, Yang Pei, Yijia Liu, Yutong Jiang, Meifang Chen
Paper No.: 177
Prevalence and Risk Factors of First-hand and Second-hand Alcohol-related Harms among Young Adults in Hong Kong
Jiazhou Yu, Timothy S. Sumerlin, Roger Chung, Benjamin H. Yip, Jean H. Kim
Paper No.: 178
F1KDaysWithU App: Development and Pilot Testing of an Android Mobile Application on the First 1000 Days of Life to Improve Maternal and Infant Nutrition
Christian Aaron R. Ordas, Vianca Clarisse D. Baligaya, Ezekiel V. Custodio, Joan Faith C. Mendoza, Pamela Irish A. Razon, Florimae E. Paimalan, Daniel G. Salunga
Paper No.: 180
Trends in Tuberculosis Directly Observed Treatment Short-course (DOTS) Availment During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Metro Manila, Philippines
Vincent Schubert R. Malbas
Paper No.: 181
Lived Experiences Of Medical ICU Nurses Caring For COVID-19 Patients In Metro Manila
Julian Tyrell Glen C. Ayangco, Kay Athena N. Cabilao, Gabriele Ellaine Caicdoy, Darlene Faith B. Candelaria, Vivien E. Torrecampo, Miriam Bartolay
Paper No.: 183
Student Nurses' Motivation and Online Engagement on Skill-Based Courses and Their Influence on Self-Reported Confidence in Future Clinical Exposure
Aline O. Ambag, Eunice Catherine G. Coronel, Margarita Janna G. Del Rosario, Bissette Maize G. Domingo, Alyssa Marie R. Makasilang, Jose Edwin N. Manansala Jr., Micelle C. Panlilio, Karen D. Sembrano, Jude Rence G. Sumang
Paper No.: 184
Multi-drug resistant pathogens are associated with higher risks of mortality in patients admitted with acute exacerbations of COPD: A territory wide study with propensity score analysis
Li Yan Kiu, Wai Abraham, Chu Owen
Paper No.: 185
Efficacy and Safety of Oral Pharmacologic Treatments for Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis
Zongshi Qin, Chao Zhang, Jianbo Guo, Jiani Wu, J.Curtis Nickel
Paper No.: 186
Malaysian Adults' Views and Experiences on Behaviour Change Strategies in Mobile App for Diet Monitoring and Weight Management: A Qualitative Study
Bur Melissa Binti Abdul Khalil, Fadzilah Hanum Mohd Mydin, Moy Foong Ming
Paper No.: 187
Associations of Hearing and Dual Sensory Loss with Mortality: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Faye Yu Ci Ng, Benjamin Jye Jyn Tan, Harris Jun Jie Muhammad Danial Song, Nicole Kye Wen Tan, Li Shia Ng, Woei Shyang Loh
Paper No.: 188
Opening Pandora's loot box: Weak links with problem gambling and player opinions on probability disclosures in China
Leon Y. Xiao, Tullia C. Fraser, Philip W. S. Newall
Paper No.: 189
The Correlation of Public Hospital Nurses' Occupational Stress to their Quality of Life and Caring Behaviors during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Besas, Jannel S., David, Maria Hadyline C., Fabian, Inigo von M., Galvan, Danica S., Lumanog, Makaella Pauline D., Quiambao, Rona M., Musni, Triziah Mae Nicole E., Quizon, Gloria Nicole P., Monieno, Christine Leandro S.
Paper No.: 190
Barriers to Parents-Adolescent Communication on Sexual and Reproductive Health to Prevent Premarital Sexual Behaviour: Meta-Ethnography
Putri Eka Sejati, Nita Dwi Astikasari
Paper No.: 192
MyDietCam: A Food Recognition Integrated Dietary Assessment Smartphone Application
Nadine Alvina Kong, Moy Foong Ming, Ong Shu Hwa, Ghalib Ahmed Tahir, Loo Chu Kiong
Paper No.: 193
An assessment on the risk of burnout among Medical Technologists at a public tertiary hospital in Bulacan amidst COVID-19
Gabrielle Alexandra L. Aguilar, Sunny Boy M. Balinas Jr. , Kenneth Carl V. Bautista, Marc Louie B. Belgira, Isabel Maria F. Garcia, Jocelle Hui Xing T. Khoo, Maria Mikaela B. Ordonia, Maria Luisa R. Olano
Paper No.: 195
Tailor-fitting COVID-19 health information through Nursing Artificial Intelligence
Trisha Mangahas, Angela Manimtim, Stephen Marasigan, Qjiel Mariano, Zysha Marquez, Ivan Martinez, Katrina Martinez, Angelica Mercado, Miguel Mirabueno, Kirk Nicolas, Anne Novales, Gian Carlo Torres, Sarah Salazar
Paper No.: 196
Therapeutic value of using probiotics in diabetic patients with periodontal diseases: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Yuxin Yang, Cynthia Kar Yung Yiu, Hai Ming Wong
Paper No.: 197
Determination of the Levels of Depression, Anxiety and Stress Symptoms and COVID-19 Stress amongst Filipino Pharmacy Students
Dorothy Ellinor Paez, Jame Jamille Ignacio, Deomarie Magdalyn Lim, Shyna Hazen Mabanag, Sheila Mae Talagtag, Czharina Yap, Angelita Rodriguez
Paper No.: 198
Perception and Attitude of Patients with Diabetes on the Use of Telehealth Medication System for Patients' Health Care in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija
Alliah Kay C. Prudencio, Cherilyn A. Bulamabo, Jonathan B. De Guzman, Angelica R. Dela Cruz, Justine Angelique M. Dionisio, Angelica S. Bautista, Angelita A. Rodriguez, Ma. Racquel R. Guino-o
Paper No.: 199
Cyberchondria as Predictor of Unverified Online Health Information Sharing during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Tenisha Akela Malonzo, Kristine Angeli Baral1, Angel Cunanan, Rodeanne Mae Dialogo, Trisha Jane Lacson, Kathleen Lazo, Aaron Paul Liwanag, Jonas Amiel Sula, Rhocette Sn Agustin
Paper No.: 200
Long COVID-19 Syndrome: Its Effect on Various Organ Systems and Recommendation on Rehabilitation Plans
Zhipeng Yan, Ming Yang, Wing-Sze Yuen, Dennis Tse-Wah Law, Ching-Lung Lai
Paper No.: 201
Ethics, Integrity and Retributions of Digital Detection Surveillance Systems on Infectious Diseases: Systematic literature review
Ma YX1, Zhao IY, Yu CMW1, Liu J, Dong WN, Pang Q, Lu XQ, Molassiotis A, Holroyd E, Wong WCW
Paper No.: 202
Vaccination and Health Protocol Implementation as Prevention Against COVID-19 Outbreak in Pondok Pesantren (Islamic Boarding-Based Education) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Ichlasul Amalia, Intan Noor Hanifa
Paper No.: 203
Physical Activity and Factors Affecting It among Malaysian Breast Cancer Survivors
Lee Yi Lin, Tania Islam, Mohmoud Danaee, Nur Aishah Taib
Paper No.: 205
Community Telehealth Service: Lowering Barriers to Health Monitoring Technologies from the Ground-up
Yichi Zhang, Michelle Cheok Yien Law, Soon Keong Wee, Benjamin Sian Teck Lee, Bing Liang Alvin Chew
Paper No.: 206
Knowledge and Utilization of Ten DOH-approved Herbal Medicines Among Parents in the City of Dasmarinas, Cavite
Barona, Jennielyn Y., Ligot Nerilyn B., Ultra, Jasper A., Ycoy, Lovely Angel C.
Paper No.: 207
TeleNutrition : Development, Pre-Testing, and Pilot Testing of Telehealth Website for Nutrition Counseling of Registered Nutritionist-Dietitians in a Tertiary Level Hospital in Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines
Jasper John P. Jariel, Marifa Louise C. Macaraeg, Dwight Angelo T. Polintan, Ryabelle Jesusa C. Sanchez, Maria Feliz C. Sastre, Daniel G. Salunga
Paper No.: 208
Unfavorable Serum Uric Acid Level Change Is Associated With The Progression Of Cardiometabolic Multimorbidity Among Chinese Middle-aged And Elderly Adults
Duanhui Li, Danyang Wang, Xiaolin Xu
Paper No.: 209
Adaptive Leadership among Nurses for the VUCA World As Inputs to Quality Improvement and Proposed Framework
Contemprato, Alexandrea, Decena, Ivy, Dimanlig, Clarisse, Ebio, Pamela, Legarde, Roella
Paper No.: 210
What Are You Waiting For? Young Adults' perspective on COVID-19 vaccination in Hong Kong
Yau Siu Wah, Pauline Luk
Paper No.: 211
Picky Behavior on COVID-19 Vaccine in Indonesia: A Contradictory to Accelerating Vaccination Coverage
Enos Wahyu Octamannuel, Bonardo Prayogo Hasiholan
Paper No.: 212
Increased Screen Time: A Red Alert Situation
Akshaj Mehta
Paper No.: 213
Investigating Mental Health-Related Searches Across Southeast Asia During COVID-19: An Infodemiology Study
Charles Kevin Tiu, Putri Azzahra Nur Azrina, Mathew Siu Chun Chow, Leonard Thomas Sy Lim, Natnicha Manaboriboon, Elaine Tan Su Yin
Paper No.: 214
Chin Kuen Yei, Mohammad Firdaus Bin Abdul Aziz, Ng Kee Seong
Paper No.: 215
Is BMIC a useful biomarker in assessing maternal and infant iodine status: a systematic review
Shuchang Liu, Andrew Sharp, Elmer Villanueva, Zheng Feei Ma
Paper No.: 216
Knock-on effects of COVID-19 on essential chronic care and ways to foster health system resilience to support vulnerable non-COVID patients: a multistakeholder study
Hendra Goh
Paper No.: 217
A Three-dimensional, Spatially-Explicit Agent-based Model to Evaluate the effectiveness of Non-pharmacological Interventions of COVID-19 in Hong Kong Using Secondary Data
Ken Ka Chung Tang, Peter K. Koh
Paper No.: 218
The Impacts of COVID-19 on Physical Activity, Dietary Changes and Health Awareness of University Students in Hong Kong: A Cross-Sectional study
Yuqi Mi, Victoria A. Yeo, Elkie Y. K. Chan, T. K. Wong, Sigmund Luey, L. Y. Chan, K. T. Kwok, Aditya Prasad